terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008

Companies with Responsible Attitudes

David Gardner :
Votoratim is a company that has a forward thinking vision of the creative arts. Our "Concertos Pelo Brasil" tour this year has been realised as a direct result of a major Brazilian company acting responsibly and pro-actively towards the arts. As a foreigner I watch the world from two points of view and as an active musician working in Brazil I am constantly impressed by Brazil's attitude towards the arts. Having worked and been involved within arts projects within the UK and I safely say that Brazil is one step ahead in this area.
This third stage of the tour has landed us in the North East and has allowed us to continue where we left off with our Sonora Brasil tour a few months ago. Full houses, popular repertoire and a fully professional attitude towards the promotion of "regional" popular musical styles has given a returning public a new appreciation of the work of our orchestra. In 2005 the orchestra began to invest in our own regional instruments and now in 2008 the viola da cocho is the star attraction. In a profession where níche speaks volumes we have shouted the loudest of all. This ground breaking incorporation of musical styles and instruments has opened the door for the orchestra the world over and it is my belief that with the continued imput of new material, renewed sponsorship and increasingly competent administration the Orchestra of Mato Grosso will continue to grow artistically and develop even further in its social and educational comittments during the coming years. It has been a privelage to be part of this orchestras development and to see that the models for success can be changed and developed in an increasingly rigid world.

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